Once you've created your Shoprocket account, you simply need to embed our code into your Wordpress website. To do this, you need to be able to edit your **Wordpress theme HTML**, which isn't possible via hosted Wordpress.com websites. 

You'll know if you can edit your Wordpress theme HTML, by logging into your **WP admin dashboard** and looking for this menu option:

Copy the Shoprocket JavaScript snippet into your footer

Login to your [Shoprocket Dashboard](https://dashboard.shoprocket.co/), and head over to the [settings](https://dashboard.shoprocket.co/settings) tab, and then click on [integration code](https://dashboard.shoprocket.co/settings#set_tab_integration

Here you will find two code snippets, copy the first one, and then paste it into your Wordpress theme footer file, just above the </body> tag.

**Shoprocket code snippet:** 

**Click on Appearance->Editor in your Wordpress admin dashboard:** 

**Click on Theme Footer (footer.php) in the right hand sidebar:** 

**Paste the Shoprocket code snippet above your </body> tag and click "update file":** 

**Steps in full:** 

Now visit your Wordpress website, and you'll see the Shoprocket basket widget has been added to your site on every page that uses your site footer file:

Time to add products

Now you're ready to copy the second code snippet into your page to display your products. 

This code snippet can be embedded anywhere in your site, from your homepage, posts, or even your sidebar.

By default, this code snippet will show all of your products in a list, which can be added to cart directly from that page:

Find more information on how you can embed products into your website here:

  * Simple buy buttons
  * Display multiple products by category
  * Individual product pages

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