Shoprocket is multicultural, and we are really excited to bring the wonder of ecommerce to you are your customers.

While we currently work primarily in English, we do have our checkout available in German and Portuguese. Simply email [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#c0b3b5b0b0afb2b480b3a8afb0b2afa3aba5b4eea3afeeb5ab) with your personal Store ID and we'll be happy to enable that for you.

Paypal Languages

To use Shoprocket in different languages with Paypal, the store owner has to set the language preferences on their own merchant account.

Our dashboard is currently only available in English, but if you'd like it in your own language, please get in touch and with your help we can hopefully translate it for you.

New languages

Want to use the Shoprocket checkout in a language we currently don't have available? No problem - simply email us, we'll get you to translate our list of items and then we'll implement them for you.
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