For those Shoprocket users who wish to ship their products to their customers, shipping prices need to be set in the dashboard.

Here is an example of Royal Mail's shipping weights and prices within the UK: 

It is possible to create several different shipping options. This is advised if you wish to ship your products to different countries around the world. 

For instance, a common setup is to have one shipping option for your own country, Europe, the USA,  Asia and so on. This will allow you to set different prices for different parts of the world. 

Here is an example of a possible shipping option in the Shoprocket dashboard:

To set the weight of your product you will need to head over to the Product section of your dashboard. Edit a product by clicking on the pencil symbol next to it. Then head over to the Dimensions & Weight tab.
In the below example we have set our product's weight to 6kg. This means that an extra £1.50 will be added to the shipping cost, as we have set our shipping options to add an extra 1.5 in cost for every extra kg over 5kg. 

If you have any further enquires on how to set your shipping options please contact our team by emailing [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#0f7c7a7f7f607d7b4f7c67607f7d606c646a7b216c60217a64) and we will be happy to help you.
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