Shoprocket currently uses a tax inclusive method. This means the amount of tax charged is included in the final amount charged.
For example, if your product is £10 and your tax is set to 20% the amount charged to the customer will remain at £10, with £2 of that amount set aside for tax. 

There are two ways of setting tax in your Shoprocket dashboard. The first method is to set the tax amount for the whole store. This means that no matter the product sold, the final amount charged to the customer will have the same amount charged as tax.
To set the tax amount for the whole store simply go to the General Settings tab of your Settings and input the amount of tax you wish to charge.

Setting the tax to 20 will mean 20% of the final amount charged will be set aside as tax.

The second method of charging tax is to set the tax on a per product basis. This means you will be able to charge one amount of tax on one product, and a different amount of tax on another product.  

To do this you leave the Tax Rate in your General Settings blank, and instead set the tax rate in the Products section of the dashboard, as shown below. 

For help with tax settings, or any other questions on using Shoprocket please get in touch at [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#a8dbddd8d8c7dadce8dbc0c7d8dac7cbc3cddc86cbc786ddc3).
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