Google Analytics allows you to track important metrics, such as the visitors to your store, revenues, conversion rates and much more.

By default, having Google Analytics installed on your site will tell you lots about your visitors and their activity, however it will not have access to your sales data.

In order to enable that, simply follow the steps below. 

Enabling this is very easy. You simply need to add your Google Analytics Tracking ID into your Shoprocket account settings.

Ensure You Have a Google Analytics Account Installed

Before we can send data to your Google Analytics account, you will need to have an active account and the tracking code installed on your website. If you do not already have GA installed on your site, you can create a free account" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="csh-markdown csh-markdown-link">here).

Once you have created your account, simply follow the instructions to get started with GA.

Enable eCommerce Tracking

Next, you need to activate "eCommerce tracking" for your Google Analytics account:

Click Admin from the menu bar at the top in Google Analytics.

Use the drop-down menus to select the Account, Property, and View that you want to track.
Click on "Ecommerce tracking" and enable it.

Connect Your Google Account with Shoprocket

Once your site has Google Analytics installed and eCommerce tracking is enabled, you simply need to grab your Google Analytics Tracking ID, which can be found by clicking on Admin in Google Analytics, then "Tracking info" then "Tracking code" within the property that you wish to link.

Grab your tracking ID, which will look like this: UA-11494363-7

Then head over to your settings tab within your Shoprocket account, and paste your GA tracking code into the Google Analytics field and click "Update General Settings", like this:

That's it!

You'll now start seeing all of the Shoprocket events feeding into your Google Analytics account. They can be seen in both the "events" and "eCommerce" tabs. 

Google Analytics will often take up to 24 hours to start reporting accurate sales data, but you should be able to test it immediately by adding some items to your cart and then watching the "events" in the "real time" view of Google Analytics.
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