When creating your Shoprocket account, you have the opportunity to create your first product, we keep it simple to start, just asking for the product name, price, description, an image and a category.

The only required fields for selling products are the name and price. Every other field is optional.

To add more products, click on the "products" tab in the left hand menu of your dashboard, then click on the orange "add product" button and fill out the required details.

In the General tab, you can add the product name, description, price and available stock levels.

Images are uploaded to the images tab, and you can find the code to embed that one product (with all its details) into any website as a stand-alone product in the embedded tab.

 Product Options

The Options tab is where you create and set the options for your product. For example this is where you can set sizes, colours and any other options you require for the product you are selling.

Here are a few examples of how product options work:


Options as sizes.

Here is an example of sizing as an option. The Option Names have been set as the sizes available. This could also be set as "small, medium, large".

 Option Price

The Option Price is the difference added on/taken away from the original base price of the product, which you set when creating the product itself.

Finally, the Option Stock is the amount of stock you have for each product option.


You can have more than one option per product. For instance, this t-shirt has both size and colour options.

Product options can also be used to provide upgrades to base products. You have a basic package at a base price, then Bronze, Silver and Gold upgrades. This can be accomplished using the product options like in the example below.


The basic package as a product.


The upgrades as product options to be added unto the base product of a Basic Package.

To create a product option you click on the orange "create new" button next to the product option dropdown box. You will then be able to input the details of your product. An example is shown below.


This option is to allow customers to select which Teddy Bear colour they would like to order.

Once you have added all the option lines you wish for this particular option, click "save option". You should now find this option in the option dropdown box. Next, select the option and click "update". Refresh the page and you should see the option displayed for this product.


The Teddy Bear Colour option is now selected for the Teddy Bear product.

 Support for Products

If you need any assistance with adding products or need some clarification on products and their options, please email [sup[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#23505653534c515763504b4c53514c404846570d404c0d5648).
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