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Vouchers/Discount Codes

How to Offer Discounts at Checkout with Shoprocket

Offering discounts to your most loyal or newest customers to help boost sales is a fantastic way to engage your users. With Shoprocket, it's easy to set up.

Creating a Discount Code

Login to your dashboard, and click on "Offers":

In the offers page, click on "Add a Voucher". You'll now see the form to create a new voucher.

In the above example, we have created the voucher name "welcome10", which will also be the code our customers use at checkout.

The voucher type we've used here is a percentage off of the order total. You can also use a fixed amount off.

The amount is 10, meaning this discount code will deduct 10% of the order total. Discounts do not affect the shipping price.

We have also set the "max redemptions" to be 1. This means that this particular discount code can only be used once, then it will expire. This is ideal for creating personalised discount codes to send to specific customers. If you do not want the code to expire, simply leave the field blank.

If you want to set an expiry date on your offers, simply click on the "Expires on" box and select the date you want it to expire by from the pop up calendar.

If you need any help, just email us on [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist you.

Vouchers/Discount Codes

How to Offer Discounts at Checkout with Shoprocket

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