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Using Simple Buy Buttons

Pro Tip

This is one of the simplest methods of using Shoprocket. It's perfect for adding a buy button to an existing product page of your website. However, please note that with the simple buy button method, no dynamic content is offered, it's simply a link that will open our add to cart modal.

If you'd like to display product details, such as name, price, description and images from Shoprocket into your page, you should use the sr-block or single product page methods instead.

When you create a new product, we will instantly generate an embeddable buy button for you which can be found in the "Embed this product" tab.

Here is an example of a Shoprocket site using simple buy buttons. As you can see, there is no sr-block as there would be normally, but instead a sr-add with the ID number of that product.

As shown here, sr-add and the product ID numbers are both circled.

As shown here, sr-add and the product ID numbers are both circled.

Don't forget!

For Shoprocket to work on your site, you also need to include our JavaScript code snippet on every page where you'd like customers to be able to checkout from. You only need to do this once.

We suggest placing it in your website footer to be included on every page.

Of course, your code snippet can be modified slightly. By default, the link will say Buy, but you can change this text to whatever you like, such as Buy now, as seen below.

<a href="javascript:sraddtocheckout(1801);" class="sr-add">Buy Now</a>

Using Simple Buy Buttons

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