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Shoprocket for IMXPRS Customers

Instructions on How to Setup and Use Shoprocket with IMXPRS Templates

Before You Begin...

Please note, when using Shoprocket with IMXPRS, you must create all products directly within your IMXPRS site builder, if you create products via the Shoprocket dashboard, they will not appear in your IMXPRS site.

The first step in creating your online store using IMXPRS and Shoprocket is to activate the option to sell. In your store template you can either add a new button element or edit an existing one. Clicking on the button element will give you the option to “sell this item”.

You must enter a price for the item (any amount will do as this can be easily changed) and also select a currency.

Once the price is set, this will prompt IMXPRS to automatically create an account for you with Shoprocket.

Duplicate Accounts

Please note that if you have previously signed up to Shoprocket with the same email address you have provided for your IMXPRS account this will cause an account conflict. You must use an email account that has not been used to sign up to Shoprocket before. If you have account issues, please contact us on [email protected]

You will be signed up to Shoprocket with the email address you have provided to IMXPRS when signing up to their service and given a new automated password. You can access your credentials at any time by clicking on the “edit cart” option of the cart element. This is located at the top of your IMXPRS template.

Pressing “open dashboard” will take you to the Shoprocket login page.

Do Not Create a New Account with Shoprocket

You must log in using the details given to you by IMXPRS only. Using a different email or password will create a new, separate Shoprocket account that is not linked to your IMXPRS template.

Welcome to your dashboard. This will allow you to check orders and link your Stripe and Paypal accounts. This is important if you want to receive the money you make through your online store directly. Otherwise, funds from any sales you make will be held by IMXPRS until the end of the month. The dashboard will also allow you to change the names and prices of products as displayed in your Shoprocket cart checkout. You can also set shipping prices here.

The first product you edited in order to activate Shoprocket in your IMXPRS template will appear here in your Products page.

This is where you can edit all of the products you added via the IMXPRS template. Specifically, the price and name, as they appear in your cart checkout, item stock, tax and options.

Features Locked

There are some features which will not be applicable when using Shoprocket with IMXPRS, such as “categories” as all of your products are created and positioned directly within your IMXPRS editor so there is no need for product categories to be created.

As you can see from this image, the name of the product and price are those set by you/IMXPRS when you activated the Shoprocket cart in your template earlier.

When you change these options in the dashboard, you will edit how they appear in the checkout, but more importantly, not in the template editor itself. As you can see in this image, we have changed a few of the options for this product.

In order to match the info in the Shoprocket cart to the info displayed in your template/site you must go back into your IMXPRS editor and edit the details as you would normally.
Clicking the blue + sign will allow you to set the new price of this item. In this case, from the original $15 we set in the beginning to the $20 we set in the Shoprocket dashboard, which is the price we want for this item.

And there we have it, the price has now been updated. But as you can see, we still have the IMXPRS auto-generated product name, photo and product description. Just click on any of these elements to edit them as you wish them to be displayed. Remember to ensure the product name matches up in both the IMXPRS editor and the Shoprocket dashboard.

Once you have this all setup, you are ready to make a test order. On a product, you have linked with your Shoprocket dashboard (by clicking sell this item as you did in the beginning) you will be given the option to complete a test order. Make sure you have linked your Stripe or Paypal accounts in the Shoprocket dashboard.

If all goes well and you are satisfied with your site, you are ready to publish your IMXPRS website. Just switch your store to “Live mode” and start selling!