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Connecting Payment Gateways

Using Stripe & PayPal with Shoprocket

Adding payment gateways is easy! Simply head over to your settings tab and click on "payment gateways".

Currently, we support Stripe & PayPal - You can enable them by using the "active" switch to the right of each gateway in your settings section. You can use either or both.


By default, you will be connected to the Stripe account of IMXPRS, and they will collect all funds for you, then pay you at the end of each month. This is to help you start selling as soon as possible.

If you have your own Stripe account, you can connect it in your Shoprocket dashboard, which will ensure all payments are sent directly to you instead.

To delete IMXPRS' Stripe account from your dashboard simply click the "trash" icons next to the Live and Test accounts.

If you have had a live order go through before connecting your own Stripe/Paypal account, please contact IMXPRS to arrange payment.

Linking Your Stripe Account with Shoprocket

To link your Stripe account, click "Connect your live stripe account" which will direct you to Stripe where you can login/register.

Stripe Test Account

You can also link your test Stripe account if you'd like to place test orders and see the amounts reach your Stripe account in test mode. By default, the Shoprocket test account is linked so that you can place test orders immediately

Follow the instructions from Stripe and you will then be redirected back to your Shoprocket dashboard. When you check the payment gateways tab again, you'll see Stripe connected.
Also, ensure the switch to the right of Stripe is enabled and reads "Yes".

Linking your PayPal account with Shoprocket

To link your PayPal account, simply type in your PayPal email address in the "PayPal Email Address" field. Also ensure the switch to the right of PayPal is enabled and reads "Yes".

PayPal Account Requirements

To accept payments through PayPal, your PayPal account needs to meet the following requirements:

1: Your PayPal account is verified

2: Your PayPal email address is confirmed

3: Your PayPal account is capable of accepting your primary Shoprocket currency

Note: if you want to accept credit cards, but you only have a Personal PayPal account, you'll need to upgrade your PayPal account.

If you enable both payment gateways, your customers will have the choice during checkout to choose which payment method they prefer, as seen here:

Need help? Reach out to us on chat or send us an email at [email protected]

Connecting Payment Gateways

Using Stripe & PayPal with Shoprocket

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