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Branches and Location Dropdowns

For those Shoprocket users with multiple stores or locations, our Branches section allows you to provide your customers with the option to select a specific location to send their order to.
This is especially useful for companies employing a Click & Collect scheme, as it allows the customer to send their order to their nearest branch for collection.

If you wish to add the Branches option to your Shoprocket dashboard simply email [email protected] with your request.

Once activated you should see the Branches option on the left hand side of your dashboard, in between the Orders and Settings tabs. Here you will see the orange Add Branch button. Clicking this will take you through to the page where you can add all the details you need in order to add a branch.

The Branch name and Post Code/Zip Code are both required fields. These are to let your customers know which branch they are selecting and where it is located.

The 1st tickable box is an option to have this branch use all the same products you have uploaded into your Shoprocket dashboard. If you wish to have some products only available at certain branches do not tick this box.

The 2nd tickable box allows you to select whether or not you would like your customers to be able to collect their order at this branch.

Once you have your branch details filled out correctly you are ready to add the location selector to your site. This selector will give your customers a dropdown list so that they can pick which branch they wish to send their order to.

If your company has multiple branches or locations, you can provide customers with a branch selector by adding the following code to your page.

Note: In order for branches to work correctly, you must add the below location widget to your footer

<div id="sr-location-widget">
	<div class="sr-location-widget-inner" id="sr-location-button">
    <p id="sr-location-label">
      <span id="sr-location-toggle">
        <i class="fa fa-caret-down"></i>
    <ul id="sr-location-widget-list" class="sr-hide"></ul>

Branches and Location Dropdowns

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